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2014 Wings MidWeek-FINAL

2014 Wings for Shriners

Join us at the Willows Restaurant Friday - October 3, 2014 Support the Aloha Shriners Patient Transportation Fund Featuring Kapena, Ben & Maila Gibson, and Kevin Okimoto … [Read More...]

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Fifteen Will Get You Three

Freddie Mac chief economist, Frank Nothaft, says that affordability, stability and flexibility are the three reasons homebuyers overwhelmingly choose a 30 year … [Read More...]

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Personal Finance 2014

You’ll need to earn $2.00 for every $1.00 you want to spend assuming you pay 50% of your earnings on income tax, social security and Medicare.  On the other hand, you get to keep 100% of every dollar you save on your personal expenses because the taxes have … [Read More...]


Equity Dynamics

Equity is the difference in what your home is worth and what you owe. Ideally, as the value goes up and the unpaid balance goes down with each amortized payment made, the equity grows from two directions. This dynamic leads to increasing a person’s net … [Read More...]

Who is my agent

Who is my agent?

More often than you’d expect, homeowners refer to the person they bought their insurance from as their agent. It sounds reasonable but it’s definitely not accurate. That person is the agent of the insurance company and they legally represent the company, not … [Read More...]