I want the Sprint HTC EVO!

Update 7/1/2010: I have ordered my HTC EVO online at sprint.com! I can’t wait for it to arrive!

Update 6/18/2010: Best Buy is accepting pre-orders on a White HTC EVO to be released on July 11, 2010. Best Buy will exclusively provide the White HTC EVO until August. Go to Best Buy now to pre-order yours now! I’m waiting until July 1, 2010, that’s when I’m able to upgrade my current Blackberry phone. I hope the phone will still be available for pre-orders!

Sprint released the 4G HTC EVO today. I’m not eligible to upgrade my phone until July 2010 so I have to wait just a little while longer. I really want the phone, can anyone tell me their thoughts on the phone which will make me go and get it now? Let me know, I love to get new breakthrough technology.